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Gulu University To Set Up Modern Agricultural Programme

Gulu University Vice Chancellor-Openjuru George Ladaa.

Gulu University has entered a partnership with Agro-Max Uganda, a private agri-business company to set up a modern Agricultural program at its constituent college in Moroto.

Professor Openjuru George Ladaah, the University Vice-chancellor speaking after the signing on Tuesday said the collaboration will see Agro-Max set up the program which targets young people with hands-on skills in mechanized Agriculture.

He said the initiative will support University graduates who want to be retooled in mechanized modern agriculture and youth who don’t have formal education.

Rony Oved, the Director of Agro-Max said they plan to start in the next academic year with a short course of three to six months.

He adds that the courses are on Tractor operation, Mechanics for Agri-Equipment, Farm Management, fish farming, and horticulture among others.

  • Agro-Max Uganda
  • Gulu University vice-chancellor Prof Openjuru George Ladaah
  • Moroto Constituent College
  • Rony Oved-Director Agro-Max
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