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Game Rangers Fire Live Bullets In Nwoya

Rangers from Murchison Falls National Game Park on Wednesday sent locals at Purongo Town Council, Nwoya district into panic after they fired live bullets in the air to apprehend an operator of a food joint found in possession of wild game meat.

A woman who turned out to be a spy reported went to a food joint at 3:30pm and ordered for a plate of game meat and later asked if she could buy raw game meat.

The food joint operator reportedly got in touch with someone who brought the game meat for her but by then, the game rangers had already surrounded the area and apprehended her.

Locals however, mounted pressure and had her released.

The game rangers then fired seven live bullets in the air but the suspect had taken fled the scene.

Ojok Jacob, the L.C V Councilor for Purongo Town Council who doubles as the district secretary for community development confirmed the report.

Ochan Alfred, the assistant warden in charge of Wangkwa ranger post in Murchison Falls Game Park was not aware of the operation when contacted for a comment.

Being in illegal possession of Wild game meat attracts a 20 billion shillings fine or life imprisonment.

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