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We are a commercial, urban and contemporary (AC) radio station located in Gulu City. We are also the only urban and contemporary Corporate Radio station in Northern Uganda.

We broadcast on FM at 100  to thousands of analog listeners. Our antenna stands at a height of 42 meters transmitting waves of 16DB over 1000 Watts of power covering over 100 KM. 

Our mission is to inform, educate, entertain and empower our diverse audience towards positive action. As such, we strive to meet, exceed and redefine existing standards in the radio industry.

More than simply airing a wide variety of interactive and thought-provoking programming content, we constantly play an active role in improving every aspect of our listeners.


OWNERSHIP/ADMINISTRATION: Mega 100 is a sister station to Mega Fm Gulu


We have set up MEGA 100 with advertisers in mind. All advert copy will be written by a team of dedicated and creative minds. Through this set up, the team is able to relate a product to the final consumer so that our client does not have to.We guarantee you, this works. We offer package rates and sponsorship opportunities, so you are guaranteed that your advertisements are heard by your intended targeted market.


Our format is a mix of contemporary and classical Music. We present local, regional and international news and a comprehensive marine report daily including the forecast each hour. Sports is presented three times daily and community service programs are presented throughout the week. Our NEWS is fresh and constant on the hour throughout the week.


MEGA 100 taps into a younger audience of the age group of 18 - 49 (broad) and 18 – 39 (Narrow) than any other radio station in Northern Uganda. We are the only radio in Northern Uganda that can target a high schooler, a campus student, a corporate working person and post-adult youth. Our demographics guarantees a substantial amount of exposure which will equate to a drastic increase in sales or awareness.

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