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Police Sets Up Team to Determine Retention of SPCs

SPCs Undergoing Training in Gulu

The Uganda Police Force has set up a team of senior police officers to assess the number of Special Police Constables (SPCs) who should be retained in the force after the expiry of their contract.

In December, the police recruited 500, 000 police constables to help in policing during elections with a contract period of three months.

They are currently being deployed in their respective districts.

According to the Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga, the team comprising the Directorate of Human Resource and Administration, the Directorate of Operations and the Department of Finance will assess the police wage bill before coming up with the exact number of SPCs to be retained.

Enanga says the team will critically look at performance reports and appraisals of each of the SPC in each district and come up with the number of SPCs to work with the Uganda Police Force.

He said those retained would continue carrying out light assignments as they have not gone through formal police training that lasts nine months.

During the recruitment of the SPCs ahead of the 2020 general elections, each DPC was responsible for the recruitment and training of the SPCs.

They completed a 2-weeks basic training.

The strategic policing plan 2015/2016-2019/2020 shows that they have the strength of 44,601 personnel instead of the recommended 74,002.

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