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Embattled Gulu University Dean of Students Interdicted

Gulu University Dean of students remanded for three charges of theft of Shs3,560,000, forgery and uttering false documents.

The embattled Gulu University Dean of Students Christopher Mwetwale Mpora has been interdicted.

In a letter dated April 6, 2021, the David Obol Otori, the University Secretary relieved Mpora from his duty as he battles court case.

The interdiction is in line with the provisions of Gulu University Human Resource Manual (2017), section 14.2.3 (d).

Relieving Mpora from his duty is also in line with the Uganda Public Standing Order (F-r) (16) and (F_s) 2010.

According to the University Secretary, the interdiction will allow Mpora to settle the matters that got him arrested, charged and remanded to prison.

Trouble started after Mpora was arrested and charged by Gulu Grade One Magistrate Christine Turibamwe on theft charges. He is also battling charges of forgery and uttering false documents.

The case relates to the theft of over 3.5 Million Shillings from joint account at Centenary Bank Gulu Brach.

James Ojok Onono, the Gulu University Assistant Public Relations Officer (PRO) confirmed to Mega FM that Mpora has been interdicted.

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