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Motorcyclist Survives Angry Elephants attack in Nwoya

Elephant (Courtesy Photo)

A motorcyclist has survived death after ramming into a herd of elephants along Karuma-Olwiyo Highway, inside Murchison Falls National Game Park in Nwoya District.

Jackson Chebos escaped unhurt but the angry elephants destroyed his motorcycle beyond repair.

The incident happened at around 9:30PM on Thursday.

The case has been registered at Nwoya Central Police Station.

Police say they have registered similar incidences in the past but did not provide any further details.

David Ongom Mudong, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson confirmed the report and advised road users to be extra careful when using the Karuma-Olwiyo Highway, since the area is within the game park.

Meanwhile, a herd of elephants that strayed from Murchison Falls National Game Park this morning destroyed 38 acres of crops in Purongo Town Council, Nwoya district.

The elephants numbering 24 reportedly destroyed cassava, millet and potatoes among others in the villages of Yagupino, Gola B, Gola A and Kwiri in Purongo town council at around 2:00am.

Other areas affected are Ayero-lwango, Tam and Gweng-diya villages in Got Apwoyo Sub County.

Ojok Jacob, the councilor five for Purongo town council who doubles as the district secretary for community development says the affected communities are likely to experience food shortage.

Ochan Alfred, the assistant warden in charge of Wangkwa ranger postin Murchison Falls National Game Park said he was not aware of the incident when contacted for a comment.

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