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Chimpanzee Kills Child In Lamwo

BBC Photo

A 3 year old child in Polongo B village, Agoro Sub-county, Lamwo district has succumbed to her injuries after being attacked by a chimpanzee on Wednesday.

Heravania Lateng was attacked and bitten by the primate on the neck and the back while she was in the garden with her mother identified as Betty Akech.

According to Kennedy Ocitti Okwir, the chairperson Polongo B village, Akech, the mother of the child found a chimpanzee in her garden and chased it away.

However a few minutes later, three chimpanzees emerged from a nearby bush and charged toward the child who was a distance away from her mother. One of them attacked the child as the other two watch intensely leaving her with severe injuries.

The child was rushed to Agoro health centre III before being referred to Kitgum General Hospital where she passed away on Thursday evening.

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