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EC Delivers Less Ballot Boxes to Lamwo, Gulu Ahead of Wednesday Polls

Representatives of Political parties witness the arrival of Election materials in Gulu at the Electoral Commission office last week.

three ballot boxes are missing from the polling materials delivered by the Electoral Commission for the municipal divisions, Sub County and town councils elections in Lamwo district this morning.

The polling materials are meant for the last polls in the cycle of the 2021 elections scheduled for February 3rd, 2021.

During delivery of the consignment, at the Electoral Commission headquarters at Padibe Town Council, it was realized that only 168 black boxes were delivered instead of 171 boxes meant for all polling stations in the district.

The missing ballot boxes are meant for Ogurukwot polling station in Palabek Kal Sub County, Dog Tangi polling station in Palabek Abera Sub County and Lanywang polling station in Palabek Kal Town Council.

The Lamwo District Returning Officer, Samuel Olet says EC will address the problem before the polling day on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission (EC) has delivered polling materials for the Sub County and town councils elections less by one box for Gulu district.

Ronald Agabba, the Gulu district returning officer for Gulu district says his office received 91 boxes instead of 92 boxes.

Denis Obong, the returning officer for Omoro district and Getrude Ajwang, the returning officer for Omoro district say they received all the required boxes.

The elections of the local council 3 chairpersons and their counclors is scheduled for Wednesday.

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