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Police Arrest Six Illegal Charcoal Dealers, Impound Six Trucks

Lorry Loaded With Charcoal

Police in Aswa River Region last week arrested six illegal charcoal dealers and impounded six trucks loaded with charcoal in Lamwo district.

The suspects have been identified as Jowudu Mucungwa, Kisajati Yowosi, Mawewere Musakyi, Mukandwe Moses, Moi Emmanuel and Kalulu Ivan.

The suspects were arrested during an operation conducted by joint security personnel in the bushes of Palabek and Aweno –Olwiyo.

This follows intelligence led reports about rampant illegal logging and charcoal burning in the district.

Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa River Region Police spokesperson said the suspects will be charged with illegal charcoal trade.

Acholi sub-region descended into a Charcoal production crisis in 2010 as displaced residents left camps for internally displaced persons for home.

Several natural forest covers have been depleted as demands skyrocketed in Kampala and neighbouring Kenya where commercial Charcoal production has been abolished by government.

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