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UACE Exams Start Well In Gulu

UACE candidates of Ocer Campion Jesuit College being briefed this morning ahead of the exams on Monday-Courtesy Photo

A number of schools in Gulu district and city were forced to suspend asking candidates to clear outstanding school dues to avoid disrupting the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) that started today (Monday).

The 2020 UACE exams kicked off with History Paper 3 and Mathematic paper 1 in the morning and History Paper 1 and Mathematic Paper 2 in the afternoon.

Schools that suspended demands for school dues include Bishop Angelo Negri Collage, Gulu Central High School and Gulu senior Secondary school.

Jimmy Owani, the Head Teacher Gulu central High School says of the 120 registered students, only one has failed to report because of family issues.

Tibert Amaru, the Director of Studies Bishop Angelo Negri College said the exams kicked off in time and all their 27 students were present to sit for the exams.

Moses Kidega Oola, the Deputy Head-teacher of Gulu College also says the issue of school fees remains contentious between some of the defaulting students and the school, they are negotiating best ways with parents to clear their pending dues.

Meanwhile, schools in Lamwo district started the exams well and in time. They include Padibe secondary school, Padibe girls’ comprehensive school and Palabek secondary school.

Uganda National Examinations Board-UNEB officials and teachers are grateful that the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Examinations have kicked off without any interruptions caused by the weather.

Ninety-eight thousand and three hundred and ninety four-(98,394) candidates in the upper secondary will be writing their UACE examinations.

Unlike Primary Leaving Examinations-PLE that kicked off amidst a heavy downpour, there was no weather disruptions.

UNEB spokesperson, Jennifer Kalule Musamba, says they expect all examinations to start on time.

According to the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB), the candidates will sit for the examinations from 2,339 Examination Centres countrywide.

58.1% of the candidates are boys while 41.8% are girls.  

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