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Acholi Schools Shine in UCE

Janet Kataha Museveni, the Minister of Education and Sports release 2020 UCE results today.

Several schools in Acholi Sub region are shining in the UCE Results released this afternoon by the ministry of Education and Sports.

Ocer campion Jesuit college in Gulu city which had 88 candidates, had 76 students passing in Division one with the best student Kica Biden Paul scoring 9 aggregates.

11 students passed in second grade and one student scored Division X because they missed the exams.

At St. Joseph’s College Layibi, of the 167 students who sat the exams, 67 passed in division one, 88 in second grade, eight in third division and four in fourth grade.

The best three students scored 16 aggregates.

At Sacred heart secondary school, results of 127 students had incomplete results because of missing grades in four subjects which include technical drawing, home management, commerce and computer.

According to Rev. Sr Hellen Lamunu, the school headteacher, they are getting in touch to know what happened.

At Nile Progressive in Gulu which had its first sitting under new management, five students passed in first grade with the best student Komagum Alfred scoring 21 aggregates.

Francis Obita Komting, the headteacher of the school said that they had expected 8 out of the 49 students to pass in first grade.

At Bishop Angelo Negri College in Gulu City, 15 out of 58 students scored first grade, 38 second grade and 5 in third grade.

The best student scored 15 aggregates.

At Koro Senior Secondary in Omoro district, the best student scored 23 aggregates.

The school registered two students in first grade, 31 in second grade, 37 in third, 48 in division IV, three in Division nine.

At Kitgum Comprehensive College in Kitgum district, the best student-Brian Okello scored eight aggregates.

Charles Odong, the headteacher said 33 students got first grade, 108 in second grade and 102 in third grade.

In Amuru district, Restore Leadership High school in Amuru District registered a great improvement in the 2020 Uganda Certificate of Education-UCE.

Out of the 76 candidates who sat the exams, 40 passed in first grade, 35 in second grade and one got third grade with the best five students scoring 20 aggregates.

The head teacher attributed the good performance to lockdown which gave the students’ enough time to read hard.

At Sacred Heart school (Lacor seminary) in Amuru district which had 23 candidates, eight passed in first grade, 14 in second grade and one was in third grade.

At St Theresa of Calcutta Senior Secondary School in Omoro district, out of 39 candidates, 4 got first grade, 15 second grade, 18 in third grade and 2 in fourth grade.

At St Pope John Paul II College in Gulu, 25 out of 146 candidates got first grade, 63 second grades and 49 students in third grade with the best student Okello Vasilious John scoring 16 aggregates.

At Gulu Senior Secondary School, seven students scored first grade out of 408 students who sat the exams.

The best two students, Lakica Brenda and Ojok Emmy scored 21 aggregates.

And in Nwoya district, Pope Paul VI Anaka SS has for the first time since the school’s establishment in 1956 had a female student scoring first grade.

Pelone Gloria Oboma scored aggregate 30.

In total five students passed in division one, 15 in Division two, 36 in division three, 45 in division four and three failed out of the 104 students who sat the exams.

At Alero SS, two students passed in division one, 10 in division two, 17 in division three, 16 in Division Four, 1 in division seven and 1 failed.

In Purongo Seeds School, two scored division one, seven in division two, 15 in division three, 38 in division four and two failed.

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