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Students Stranded Over Hiked Transport Fares

Stranded Passengers At Lamogi Ber Bus Terminal in Gulu

Several students from various schools across the country are stranded on the road and schools due to lack of transport following the abrupt closure of schools to contain the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Sunday night, President Museveni directed the closure of all educational institutions across the country for 42 days as part of the fresh measures to control the spread of COVID-19.

As a result, schools started discharging learners this morning to return to their homes.  

However, many of the students were still stuck either because they are yet to receive transport money from their parents or no transport means to return home.

At Namayiba bus terminal in Kampala, all upcountry buses were filled to capacity. Peter Ogik, a traveler to Kitgum district says he reached the bus park at around 10am and found all the buses going to Kitgum were already full.

Brenda Atim, a student at Makerere University travelling to Gulu was equally left stranded after she found all the buses filled up and leaving.

The bus companies were charging 50,000shillings from Kampala to Gulu and Kampala to Kitgum 70,000shillings respectively.

Meanwhile students of Bethel Christian Secondary School Gulu and Gulu High school last night rioted after the President announced the closer of schools. According to reports, the students destroyed several school properties.

There was also mixed reactions in Kitgum district following the announcement of the new lockdown, with others welcoming the decision while others against it. In Nwoya district Proprietors of private schools protested the closure of schools saying this would affect them badly.

Ojara Justin Lawot, the director of Green Light primary school noted that the closer of the school has brought back the 2020 nightmare, the first lock down.

Meanwhile Vallia Amos, the head teacher of Nwoya Progressive and Nursery school wonders how they will pay the 13 teachers at the school.

Nwoya district has about 70 private schools both primary and secondary.

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