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Strange Throat Disease Reported in Gulu

Gulu Regional Referral Hospital treatment center

A strange throat disease is causing panic among residents of Gulu district.

The disease manifests with an itchy throat, which later develops into swelling and pain leading to difficulties in breathing and black mucus discharge.

The disease was first reported among more than six people in Paibona Sub County last month. The affected people are mostly aged sixty years and above.

Local authorities and residents in the area say that sixty-two-year-old Alfred Odera who presented with the throat ailment died last week.

Three more patients with the same condition are being monitored at Awach Health Centre IV.

Hellen Apiyo, a resident of Paibona Sub County, says that the strange disease has triggered fear among residents.

William Onyai, the Gulu District Health Educator, confirmed the strange throat disease, saying they were yet to take samples from the patients for further investigations.

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