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Nwoya Secretary Production Test Positive For COVID-19

Covid-19 test kit

Frederick Okecha, the Nwoya district secretary for production and marketing has tested positive for COVID-19, making him the first top Nwoya district leader to contract the contagious disease.

Okecha who is vying for the district chairperson post in the forthcoming election was among the eight that tested positive for the virus on Sunday.

Currently, Nwoya has 16 active cases of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Nwoya district has suspended admission of more COVID-19 patients in the isolation ward after it runs out of space. The isolation ward has a capacity of only eight patients which is now full according to Axuma Geoffrey, the Nwoya district information officer.

Axuma noted that new cases are now being subjected to self-isolation until there is space before they are evacuated.

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