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Gov’t To Issue COVID-19 Certificates To All Fully Vaccinated Persons

Dr. Ocen Emmanuel from WHO Receiving the jab in Gulu

The ministry of health has announced that it will issue COVID-19 vaccination certificates to all persons that are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The certificate will be printed out and will have several security features on top and inside to stop forgeries.

They will also have the holder’s identification information such as their National Identification Number-NIN that was used while registering for vaccination.

According to health ministry officials, this comes following the high number of fake COVID-19 vaccination certificates presented at different points of entry. The certificates will have security seals that are supposed to stop forgeries.

The programme manager of the Uganda National Expanded Programme on Immunization, Dr. Alfred Driwale says the certificates will help stop the forgery of vaccination cards that are currently being seen. He says Uganda needs a certificate that it can defend internationally.

Regional Prisons Commander Margarete Orik

Meanwhile, as Covid-19 cases surge, Uganda Prisons Services has reinstated the ban on visits to all detention centres, in a bid control the spread of the contagious disease.

Soon after Uganda declared her first Covid19 case in March last year, UPS banned visits to all its prison facilities.

The ban was lifted early this year and members of the public could be allowed to access their relatives in jail provided they possessed negative Covid-19 certificates.

However, in a meeting called by Dr Johnson Byabashaija, the commissioner general of prisons, three days ago, prison commanders were ordered to ensure that no person from outside gets in contact with any of the inmates.

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