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Chemicals Ruining Uganda’s Soil, Environment

The Acholibur Parish project headed by the Gulu Arch Diocese

Farmers in Uganda are wrongly applying inorganic fertilizers which has led to pollution and reduction in crop productivity.

According to Imelda Kanzomba, Principal Agriculture Officer in the agriculture ministry, farmers are depleting about 1.2 per cent of the soil nutrients annually due to wrong use of inorganic fertilizers, and account for 26per cent pollution of the atmosphere annually.

Kanzomba says that farmers in Uganda use 24kgs of fertilizers per hectare every year, leading to a 0.31 per cent decrease in crop productivity.

This is results from blighting the leaves and also polluting the water below the plant with excess chemicals.

She recommends that organic manure and inorganic fertilizers should be used together on farms to complement each other.

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