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Narrow Streets In Gulu City To Miss Solar Lights

Gulu City authorities have said street lights will not be installed on two streets because they are narrow.

They include Lagony road which stretched from Unifat primary school to St Monica Girls’ Tailoring school and Jivani road which stretches from St Monica Girls’ Tailoring school to custom corner.

Crystal Balmoi, the Gulu City acting engineer says the City authority said street lights will be installed on these roads only after they have been expanded.

Balmoi explained that says Uganda National Roads Authority UNRA has already promised to expand the two roads.

However, said that they will install solar lights on dark spots and streets that lead to busy places and also at townships such as Unyama and Lacor trading center in order to encourage more development.

Meanwhile, 18 solar lights installed by UNRA at Layibi road -Customer corner junction are not functional.

Robert Okee, the UNRA Gulu station manager says they have notified the head office to send electricians to repair the solar lights.

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