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Lack Of Garbage Trucks Delay Trash Bins Distribution

Overflowing Garbage skips at one of the markets in Gulu.

Gulu City poor garbage management woes are not about to end after falling to put to use the 36 newly acquired trash bins due to inadequate garbage trucks.

Gulu City received the trash bins from KFW, a German organization, working in Gulu, about three months ago, to improve on the hygiene of the City.

However, the bins are still at the city yard.

The trash bins, which carry a capacity of 100kgs of garbage each, were to be placed at strategic locations including markets and public and private institutions.

Gulu City currently has only three garbage collection trucks.

Michael Rubanga, the acting Gulu City health inspector says Gulu City is expecting to receive five new garbage trucks in June this year.

Officials at Gulu City have been faulted over poor garbage management, which is compromising public health barely five months after attaining a city status.

Gulu Municipality served a population of 152,000 but after attaining a City status the population has risen to 300,000 people.

According to a statistic, Gulu City generates an average of 120 tons of garbage daily but only can collect only a quarter of the garbage generated.

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