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Over 400 People Fight For Buffalo Meat In Amuru


There was chaos in Pukure village, Lamogi Sub County in, Amuru district on Wednesday evening after over 400 residents scrambled over buffalo meat.

The buffalo was killed by Uganda Wild Authority rangers after it strayed into the village a week ago with two other buffaloes from Kidepo National Game Park.

Geoffrey Okello, the Local Council One Chairperson Pukure Village said UWA rangers shot the wild beast dead after finding it hard to escort it back to the park.

He said the rangers then gave the carcass to the community but that people including children, women and men started fighting for the meat.

Local leaders intervened and brought order by asking people to line up and each get a share of the meat.

He said UWA was continuing to hunt for the remaining two buffaloes which are still hiding in the area.

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