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Gulu Municipal Acting Clerk To Council Evicted From Office

Philian Nyamer, the acting Gulu Municipal Clerk to Council was today morning evicted from office after she allegedly refused to leave office thrice.

Nyamer, a record officer, was appointed to act in that office after the substantially appointed officer Sarah Apio went for maternity leave in September 2017.

According to reports, Nyamer was asked twice to leave office following the return of Apio but she refused for unclear reasons.

Last week, the town Clerk Edward Kiwanuka wrote to her to leave office but she instead mobilised a section of councillors to protest on her behalf.

Today, morning the town Clerk Kiwanuka forcefully evicted her and closed the office of the clerk to council pending further inquiries.

George Labeja, the Gulu Municipal council Mayor says they were left with no option but to evict her.

When contacted for a comment, Nyamer didn’t answer her repeated phone calls.

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