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Pastoralists Given Two Weeks To Leave Lamwo District

Cattle-internet photo

URN-Authorities in Lamwo have issued a two-week ultimatum for all nomadic pastoralists to leave the district, or face forceful eviction.

Lamwo Resident District Commissioner James Nabinson Kidega issued the directive after concerns by residents over the illegal entry of pastoralists in the sub-counties of Palabek Abera, Palabek Gem and Palabek Ogili.  

According to Kidega, the residents are accusing the pastoralists of entering their land illegally and grazing cattle in their gardens.

He adds that a number of community members have been mistreated after complaining about the mayhem caused by the animals.

Kidega says the move to evict the pastoralists is also in line with a presidential directive issued in 2018 following public outcry on the destruction of crops on the land where animals were being grazed, harassment of indigenous communities and the reported involvement in grabbing land in the region.

Kidega says the herdsmen now have up to May 12 to peacefully leave the areas or else they will be evicted forcefully.

  • James Kidega Nabinson
  • Lamwo district
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