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URC To Demolish Illegal Structures On Railway Land

A railway tract-Internet photo

Encroachers on the Uganda Railway Corporation (URC) land and other property have less than four months to vacate or forced to comply.

URC has given 180days ultimatum to encroachers to evacuate the railway land.

The notice of the six months evacuation was issued by the Uganda railway corporation on the 1st of April this year and it shall expire on October 1st 2021.

A number of people have constructed permanent structures on the railway land especially between Gulu Railway Station to Lacor in Gulu City.

Timothy David Tirulaga, the URA principal property management officer says encroachers who shall fail to comply shall be forcefully evicted.

Uganda has started revamping its 100-year old railway line to improve cargo transport in the country.

The 1,266km meter-gauge rail line was built by the British during colonial times 100 years ago to transport copper from the country.

The latest decision comes after Uganda failed to garner funding of $2.2bn from China for of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) regional project.

The railway transport is expected to commence service immediately after the construction of Gulu logistics hub is completed.

The logistics hub will comprise of a dry port with both rail and truck terminals, according to the Independent.

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