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Gulu City Council Authority Closes UMEME Gulu Offices

Umeme Gulu Office

Laroo, Pece division authority in Gulu City today surprised staff of Umeme Gulu Office by locking their offices over nonpayment of property tax and ground rent for the past 6years, amounting to 6.7 million shillings in arrears.

The Umeme Commercial Supervisor Gulu office Frank Mudali blamed to delays to pay the money on bureaucracy in their offices.

This comes less than three weeks after Umeme disconnected power to Gulu Main Market that accommodate more than 4400 vendors.

According to the market authority, Umeme is demanding from the division 9million shillings in unpaid accumulated electricity bills. The power cut has affected a number of vendors especially those who have stalls in the basement of the market.

Jimmy Kikwiyakare, a Tailor at Gulu main market, told Mega FM that he has not been able to work since the basement is very dark.

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