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900 to Get Free Electricity Connection in Gulu and Kitgum

More than 900 people in Guku and Kitgum districts are to benefit from the free electricity connection policy.

The policy under the Rural Electrification Agency –REA started two years ago but was halted in March last year due to the outbreak of COVID -19.

Doreen Ogenga, the Operations Manager of UMEME in Gulu and Kitgum says free electricity connection in Acholi Sub –Region resumed in March this year and 960 people shall benefit from it.

However, Ogenga discloses that the applicants will be required to pay a small fee of 720,000 Shillings.

The electricity connection policy was developed by the government to address the challenges of low connection rates and aims to achieve a 60 percent level of access to electricity for Uganda by 2027.

It was approved by Cabinet in January 2018 and rolled out in November that same year.

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