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Gulu Boda Boda Leaders On Spot For Extortion

Leaders of two Boda-boda Motorcycle Associations in Gulu are under investigation for allegedly extorting money from their members during an illegal operation on Tuesday night to crack down on riders without face masks.

leaders of Gulu City Boda Boda association and Northern City Boda Boda association illegally impounded 60 motorcycles and fined their owners 20,000 shillings each amounting to 1.2 million shillings.

Moses Ojok-the chairperson Northern City Boda-Boda Association who led the operation said they were acting on police orders to enforce presidential directives on coronavirus collected money from motorcyclists who did have face masks and those who were carrying two passengers who did not wear face masks.

Meanwhile, George Tekakwo, the Gulu City Boda-boda Association said police gave them directives to handle only their members who are not following presidential directives.

Joseph Happy Mumbere, the Acting Gulu District Police Commander however says police did not give any orders for the boda-boda leaders to carry out the operation adding that the culprits should face the law.

Denis Odongpiny, the Gulu Resident City Commissioner has now asked boda-boda motorcyclists who were fined and their bikes impounded to report to his office so that the leaders are arrested.

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