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Nwoya Woman Gets 3-years in Jail For Stealing Baby

Nwoya parents reunite with their two week old baby who was stolen by a woman they hosted in their home.

Gulu Chief Magistrate, Francis Dawa Matenga on Thursday (yesterday) sentenced to three years in jail, a woman accused of stealing a two weeks old baby in Nwoya district.

Amaro-rwot Phiona aged 18, a resident Apol Girigiri in Lii Sub County stole the baby identified as Kinyera Gabriel at around 6:00 pm on June 4, 2021.

The baby belongs to Okeny Isaac and Akwero Nancy, residents of Pakiya village also in Lii Sub County.

Amaro-rwot stole the baby from his parents who had offered her shelter when she approached them pretending to be a traveler who needed a place to rest for the night.

She was arrested the following day from Cel Peke B. village also in Lii Sub County after a thorough search and detained at Koch Goma Police station before being transferred to Nwoya Central Police Station.

She pleaded guilty and asked for forgiveness when she appeared in court on Thursday saying that she stole the child to please her husband who had been complaining that he needed a child from her.

But Matenga said that the offense is serious in nature and sentenced the convict to three years in jail which she will serve at Nwoya government prison.

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