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Experts Want Adolescents Taught Coping Mechanisms During Covid-19 Lockdown

P.7 candidates of Anaka central primary school being addressed by their school headteacher after their final PLE paper.

Sexual Reproduction Health experts want adolescents taught self-coping mechanisms during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Unlike the first wave where Covid-19 infection among young people was low, the second wave has registered a 12% increase in infections among ages 10-19 years.

Last month after the President ordered the closure of schools, Gulu University Laboratory conducted rapid COVID-19 tests and 47 students tested positive.

According to Dr Edith Nakku Joloba, Clinical Epidemiologist and researcher in sexual reproductive health, there should be efforts put in place to help children infected with covid-19 and those grieving the loss of their parents or guardians.

She adds that such effects from the Covid-19 situation can trigger drug addiction rates, sexual exploitation, child-labour and criminal activity.

According to the World Health Organization-WHO, globally, 10–20% of adolescents suffer from mental health conditions mainly resulting from poor resilience and coping mechanisms during difficult situations.

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