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Eight Garbage Skips Sold under Unclear Circumstances In Gulu

Overflowing Garbage skips at one of the markets in Gulu.

The Gulu City Town Clerk Office is investigating the unclear circumstances under which eight garbage skips were sold off as scrap at just 800,000 shillings.

The eight garbage skips were removed from Lacor market, Laroo division, at Layibi opposite Gulu public primary school, main market, Cuk Te-olam and along Alex Ojera road.

Reports say that the garbage skips were sold as scrap to Acholi Scrap dealers Association on the 27th July, 2020 without the authorization of the Town Clerk.

Edward Kiwanuka Guavu, the Gulu City Town Clerk said he was not aware of the sale of the garbage skips which he said are worth more though he did not readily provide figures.

He said the garbage skips were sold off by yet unknown officials after reports emerged that the city was in the process of purchasing 58 new garbage skips.

When contacted, the Chairperson Acholi Scrap dealers Association, Patrick Olanya, confirmed buying the 8 garbage skips adding that they also bought 3 wheel barrows, 3 small skips at a total amount of 860,000 shillings.

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