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Casual Laborers Storm Nwoya CPS

Casual Laborers At Nwoya CPS

At least 45 casual laborers including children, aged seven to 17, on Tuesday took refuge at Nwoya Central Police after they were ejected by their employee at a commercial farm in Lungulu Sub County in Nwoya district.

The investor identified as Nabi Daudi reportedly ferried the causal laborers from Pakwach district on July, 3, 2021 to harvest groundnuts from his farm. According to the casual laborers, they agreed with Nabbi to pay them 60,000 shillings per acre of groundnut harvested.

However, upon completing harvesting 45 acres, Nabbi only paid them 21,000 shillings per acre. According to the laborers, when they insisted to be paid 60,000 shilling per acre, Nabbi ferried them out his farm and later dumped them at Olwiyo trading center.

Nwoya Acting Police Officer Bagenda Emmanuel has since dispatched a team of detectives to investigate the claims.

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