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Agago Man Commits Suicide After Wife Divorced Him

A 45-year old man identified as Charles Amone committed suicide in Pader Town Council on Monday morning by drinking poison after his wife left him for another man.

The incident happened at Barlajwa village in Pader Town Council.

Reports say that Amone ingested a poisonous substance at around 2:00 am out of frustration after the mother of his seven children left him and got married to another man. He died while being rushed to Dr Ambrossoli Memorial Hospital Kalongo at around 6:45 am.

Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa River Region police Spokesperson said scene of crime officers visited the scene and that the body has since been handed to the family who objected a postmortem.

This now brings to 11 the total number of cases of suicide registered in Aswa region in the last two months.

Meanwhile, Aswa River Region Police is distressed by rampant cases of suicide, a number of which have been linked to frustration.

Patrick Jimmy Okema, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson told Mega Fm on Monday that their findings show that many of the cases are a result of frustration arising out of domestic violence, poverty and inability to deal with stress.

Okema asserted that domestic violence has been precipitating suicide incidences for the last three years from 2016 to 2019, claiming more than 120 lives in the region.

According to the 2018 Police Annual Crime Report, Aswa region comprising of eight districts of Gulu, Amuru, Kitgum, Lamwo, Agago, Nwoya, Omoro and Pader registered the highest number of Domestic Violence related deaths with 55 cases, followed by North Kyoga with 48 cases and Rwizi with 31 cases among others.

In 2014, Uganda ranked number 17 among countries with high suicide cases, according to the World Health Organization.            

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