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Fuel Tanker Explodes In Gulu

A fuel tanker last night exploded at Layibi Techo in Layibi division, Gulu municipality after it overturned last evening while fuel was being siphoned from it.

The vehicle registration number SSD 603F-SSD 479L belonging to Trinity Company in Kenya exploded while fuel was being transferred from it to another vehicle.

It’s reported that the fuel tanker exploded when a generator was being started to aid the transfer of fuel.

Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa River Region Police spokesperson blamed the fire on rush and negligence of the company’s management saying they were advised against transferring the fuel when it was hot.

Okema said their Fire brigade team rushed to the scene and managed to rescue a building which was near where the fuel tanker overturned from.

He said nobody was injured and that the second fuel tanker was saved.


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