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Uganda Lifts Internet And Social Media Restrictions

The Ugandan government has announced the full restoration of internet and social media services.

The services were severely restricted on the eve of 14 January election.

Today, the State Minister for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Peter Ogwang announced that the blockage had been lifted.

While he apologised for the blackout that Ugandans were subjected to, Ogwang cautioned against the destructive engagements on social media.

President Yoweri Museveni at the time accused social media companies of being arrogant and biased.

The development comes as Facebook said it had shut down more than 200 accounts linked to the ruling party’s campaign.

The social media company alleged that the accounts were seeking to spread misinformation and to manipulate public debate ahead of the highly contested poll.

However, the government has maintained a shutdown on Facebook, despite opening all other social media platforms, a month after they were frozen.

Although Facebook was accessible via broadband, and via VPN it was still shut down for mobile data users.

Telecom companies are also sending messages to users indicating that Facebook had not been restored.

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