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65% of COVID-19 Deaths in Uganda Occurred During Campaign Period

Former Gulu RDC Lapolo is one of the victims

At least 65 per cent of all COVID-19 deaths in Uganda occurred during the recent campaign season.

This accounts for 215 out of the 327 deaths recorded in the country since the outbreak of coronavirus disease almost a year ago.

The deaths occurred between November 2020 and January 2021, a period that was characterised by heated political activities and gatherings across the country.

According to records by the Ministry of Health, November recorded the highest number of fatalities with a total of 94. There were 47 deaths in December and 74 in January.

Among the dead was Pallisa Woman MP Faith Alupo, Kamuli Woman MP Rehema Watongola, Kyotera Woman MP Robinah Ssentongo, her husband Joseph Ssentongo, her sister Dorothy  Mukasa, Alhajji Ali Kirunda Kivejinja, Dr Wilberforce Kisamba Mugerwa, Dr Charles Kiggundu, Dr Fred Kigozi, Dr Gelasius Mukasa, and Dr Patrick Odongo, among others.

More than 50 per cent of the people who died during the time were men aged between 60-69 years, according to the record.

Dr Wanyengera explains that unlike the female immune system which is more resilient and acts factor and more aggressively against pathogens, the male hormone testosterone, on the other hand, inhibits the body’s own defences.

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