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Three Bombs Found In Agago District

Land mines discovered in Ower village, Lungulu Sub county. They are some of the Unexploded Ordinances left behind after the Lord's Resistance Army War.

At least three unexploded ordinances were on Tuesday found in Loka-bar village, in Kuywe Sub County, Agago district by local farmers in the area.

Ben Ocaya, the officer in charge of Wol police post says the unexploded ordinances include two 62 mm mortar bomb and 1 60mm mortar bomb.

Early this year, a total of 25 unexploded ordnances were found in Agago and Nwoya districts.

The devices are believed to have been left behind during the Lord’s Resistance Army –LRA insurgency in Northern Uganda.

In December last year, a grenade explosion killed two children and injured two others in Lamwo district.

The children, all residents of Abuka Village, Palabek Gem Sub –County were said to be grazing animals in the field when they landed on the explosive.

  • state Minister for northern Uganda Grace Kwiyucuny
  • Three
  • unexploded ordinances

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