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Agago Family Survives Arson Attack, Lost All Their Properties

Pader Arson Attack

A family of 10 in Wimunupecek village, in Lirapalwo sub county, Agago is counting themselves lucky after surviving arson attack on Monday night.

According to reports, the unknown person set ablaze the two grass thatched huts where Okech Alik and his children were sleeping at around 3am.

By good luck all the 10 managed to escape unhurt but all their properties including 3 bags of simsim, 4 bags of maize, 3 bags of beans and 400,000 shillings got burnt.

The area LCIII Chairman Geoffrey Oweka confirmed the incident, adding that local authorities in the area are investigating the incident.

As regards the offense of Arson, under section 327 (a) of The Penal Code Act, Any person who wilfully and unlawfully sets fire to  any building or structure, whether completed or not, commits a felony and is liable to imprisonment for life.

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