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Thieves Using Bingo To Steal Goats In Agago

Internet Photo-Goats.

Some unscrupulous thieves are feeding bingo- a green sweet also known as sweet pepsi-because of menthol to goats to make it easy to steal them at night in Lira-kato sub county.

Peter Odoch, the L.C 111 Vice Chairperson Lira-kato sub county in Agago district said that when fed on bingo, goats are unable to bleat.

Odoch said that matters have been made worse by the lockdown which has made many locals to go to bed early giving room to thieves to easily steal the goats.

He said that 62 goats have so far been stolen since the current partial lockdown was imposed on June 7, 2021 in a bid to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Some farmers have now resorted to keeping their goats in their sleeping spaces to prevent them from being stolen, according to reports.

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