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Schools In Acholi Sub Region Register Low Turn up of Learners

Pupils of Keyo Primary School in Amuru district in class

Schools in Uganda fully reopened this morning, almost two years after the coronavirus pandemic started.

This has been one of the world longest closures since the virus forced governments to close learning institutions back in March 2020.

However, most schools in Acholi sub-region including Omoro district have registered poor turn up of learners as schools reopened.

Acet primary school registered only 48 out of 1073, Jing Kume primary school registered only 43 pupils out of 480, Acet parent’s primary school registered only 46 out of 600 and Oryapwoyo primary school registered only 58 pupils out of 477.

In Nwoya district, most schools also registered very low turn up of learners today (Monday). At Nwoya primary school, only 11 learners reported with primary five registering none, out of the total enrollment of 318, Purongo Hill had 197 out 1,022 learners, Purongo primary with 700 learners, only 215 were present, 11 out of 547 also reported at Pope Paul VI Anaka SS and Alero Seeds SS had 50 leaners out of 230.

In Gulu city, Liberline primary school registered 204 learners out of the total enrollment of 896 learners and Pece primary school registered 258 out of 802.

Schools in Gulu district have equally registered very low turn up of learners. Lukome primary school registered 82 out of 611, Bungatira central primary school registered 107 out of 629 and Bungatira primary registered 160 out of 957. Aswa camp primary school registered 120 out of 374, Abaka primary school registered 23 out of 400 pupils and Palaro primary school had only 24 out of 511.

Amuru district also registered poor pupil turnout in all schools across the district. At Keyo primary school, only 112 pupils out of 707 reported to school, Tekibur primary school registered only 178 pupils out of the 620 and Olya primary school registered only 259 pupils out of 799 pupils.

Amuru district has a total population of over 44,000 pupils.

It’s a known facts that most parents tend to hold their children at home in the first week of the school term opening for reasons best known to them.

Meanwhile Otuke district authorities have resolved to arrest and imprison parents who keep their children out of school to do domestic chores.

The Otuke LC 5 chairperson, Francis Abola says that they have already secured a pick-up truck to take the stubborn parents to police to face the law.

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