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Rare Skin Disease Outbreak worries Elegu Authorities

Elegu Towncouncil

Unspecified number of people in Elegu Township, Amuru District have been infected with a rare skin disease which is reportedly spreading fast.

The Skin infection which affects private parts is common in children and adults.

It presents with itching and blisters which later turn into wounds.

Kule Kasim, the L.C One Chairperson Elegu Township suspects that the skin disease could be a result of poor hygiene and use of stagnant water for bathing among his community of 14,000 people.

Janet Akot, a resident of Elegu said her two children are always crying because of their itchy skin.

Robert Onekalit, the in charge Elegu health Unit said a surveillance officer will be sent to the ground to ascertain the situation.

Onekalit admitted that the community do not have access to clean water which could be a cause of the skin disease.

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