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Omoro Casual Laborer’s Attempt To Sell School Properties Over Wages

31 Casual labourers constructing Lakwana seed secondary in Omoro district on Thursday attempted to sell off building materials at the site to recover their unpaid four months wages.

Construction of the seed school at 1.8 billion shillings was contracted to Davrich Construction Company Limited by Omoro District Local Government in the 2017/18 financial year.

The Omoro District Security Committee led by the Resident District Commissioner, Andrew Onyuk acting on a tip off, rushed to the scene and blocked the workers from selling off the construction materials.

Onyuk was however unable to comment on the matter saying he was still in a meeting.

Okello Douglas Peter Okao, the LCV Chairperson Omoro District said they found the workers ferrying cement, Timber, door frames, window frames, door shutters and iron sheets out of the school.

Okello however, said they will pay the workers their wages after establishing the amount since the district still owes Davrich over 700 million shillings.

Davrich did not respond to our repeated calls for a comment.

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