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MP Odonga Otto set free

MP Odonga Otto

Samuel Odonga Otto-the former Member of Parliament-MP Aruu County in Pader district has been set free by Gulu Grade One Magistrate, Christine Turibamwe in a case of assault against a journalist.

Prosecution had alleged that on the 16 of June, 2019 during a FUFA Drum football game between Acholi and West Nile province at Pece Stadium, Otto assaulted, Geoffrey Ojok, a journalist with Choice Fm in Gulu.

However, early this month, Otto requested court to allow him negotiate the case outside court with Ojok and report back its outcome today.

Ojok had earlier demanded for 4.8 million shillings as compensation from Otto.

But today Ojok told court that he and Otto have reconciled prompting Grade One Magistrate, Turibamwe to close the case and set Odonga free.

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