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Patients Stranded As In-charge Closes Health Centre II

The in-charge Alim Health Center II in Lapul Sub-County, Pader district Joe Okot is in trouble for closing the health facility for two weeks.

Okot closed the facility on February 17th 2020 and never gave any explanation about his whereabouts to the local leaders or district health officials.

On Wednesday, the Pader district Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Richard Odoch Poromoi ordered police to arrest Okot for negligence and absconding from duty.

According to Poromoi, when the health was closed Okot spent most of the time at his private drug shop in Pajule Sub-county.

The acting Pader District Health Office, Dr Alex Layoo was surprised that the health facility has not been operating for two weeks.

The Lapul Sub-County Chairperson, Robert Okane blamed the district leaders for failing to monitor health services.

Okot admitted closing the health facility, saying he was sick.

He also said that the enrolled nurse, a porter and a security guard employed at the health facility couldn’t operate the facility in his absence claiming they are not qualified.

Last year, Paiula HCII in Pajule was closed for 3 months by the in-charge forcing patients to walk for over 20kms seeking health services.

  • ader District Health Office
  • Alim Health Center II
  • Dr Alex Layoo
  • Joe Okot
  • Lapul Sub-County
  • Pader district
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