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Medical Interns At Gulu Regional Referral Hospital Resume Work

Gulu Regional Referral Hospital treatment center

Medical interns at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital have like their counterparts across the country agreed to call off their strike.

The decision to call off the strike comes following the formation of a committee comprised of medical interns, members of the Uganda Medical Association and ministry of health officials.

The committee is supposed to have negotiations with the Prime minister’s office so that a supplementary budget can be passed to address the issue of allowances.

The Principal Hospital Administration at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital, David Tibamanya confirmed that 24 interns had reported to work by midday today.

Gulu Regional Referral Hospital has 18 intern doctors, 8 intern pharmacists, 8 intern nurses and 8 intern midwives.

Paul Ochen, the leader of medical interns at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital has now asked the rest of the interns to resume work.

Medical interns countrywide laid down their tools on May 17, 2021 demanding for an increase in allowances from 900,000 shillings to 3 million shillings as promised by Parliament in 2019.

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