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Four Nominated for Gulu University Guild Presidency

Students Marching After Nomination

At least four candidates have been successfully nominated to contest for the upcoming Gulu University Guild Presidential Election.

They include Lapyem Thomas Awany (Faculty of Law), Akebu Peter Godon (Faculty of Science), Mazina Mark Davis (Faculty of Education and Humanity) and Jumba Henry (Faculty of Agriculture and Environment). Lapyem Thomas Awany lost in the last guild elections.

Mahmoud Khalid, the Gulu University Assistant Public Relations Officer, says that five students had picked nomination forms but one failed to meet all the requirements and his nomination deferred to a later date.

Meanwhile the office of the Gulu University Guild Electoral Commission (EC) has strongly warned candidates in the guild race against flouting the COVID-19 regulations.

According to the Electoral Commission (EC), any candidate who is found to have breached the COVID-19 guidelines will be automatically disqualified from the race.

Candidates are also required to ensure that there is strict adherence to all the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) issued by the Health Ministry. They (candidates) are also required that their campaigns are strictly attended by only 200 students.

Voting will take place on December 16, after two weeks of campaigns

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