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Gulu Boda-boda Cylists Fight Over Oulanya’s UGX10.5 million Donation

There was complete chaos including fist fights and tearing of shirts this morning at Kaunda ground in Bardege-Layibi division, Gulu City during the distribution of 10.5million shillings by the Deputy speaker of Parliament, Jacoub Olanya to Boda-boda motorcyclists.

10,050 Boda-boda motorcyclists turned up at Kaunda ground for a meeting at around 9:00am with the deputy speaker who later handed the money to Simon Wokorach- the vice chairperson Gulu City Boda-boda motorcyclists association.

Wokorach tried to convince the Boda-boda riders that the money would be given to them later though their stage masters but this fell on deaf ears.

Robert Ojok, a cyclist from Kirombe custom corner says members feared that the money would disappear.

Francis Lee, another Boda-boda cyclist says the cyclists did not trust that the office would fairly distribute the money to members.

Wokorach, the vice chairperson Gulu City Boda-boda association attributed the chaos to lack of organization among members.

Gulu city Boda-boda association has a total of 19,000 registered members.

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