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Gulu RDC Transferred To Mulago National Referral Hospital

Former Gulu RDC Lapolo is one of the victims

Maj. Okot Santos Lapolo, the Gulu Resident District Commissioner who also doubles as the chairperson Covid-19 Task Force who tested positive for Coronavirus a week ago has been transferred to Mulago National Referral Hospital after his condition deteriorated.

Lapolo was transferred last night, according to Doctor Paska Apiyo, the in-charge Coronavirus case management at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital.

According to Dr. Paska Apiyo, Lapola needed more oxygen to sustain his breathing and Gulu Regional Referral Hospital still lacks Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds equipped with ventilators to provide the amount of oxygen needed.

Last month, the Ministry of Health transferred five ICU beds with ventilators from St. Marys’ Hospital Lacor to Gulu Regional Referral Hospital but failed to install them due to lack of space.

  • Maj. Okot Santos Lapolo

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