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COVID-19 Patient Escapes from Kitgum Treatment Center

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A COVID-19 patient on Wednesday escaped from the treatment center at Kitgum General Hospital due to loneliness.

The female patient who was the only one in the facility was admitted on Tuesday.

William Komakech, Kitgum Resident District Commissioner-RDC who is also the chairperson of the district COVID-19 Task force says she was tracked and found hiding in her home in Orom sub-county and put under home based care.

According to Komakech, by the time of her escape, the security guard manning the gate at the treatment center had left the post.

Dr. Geoffrey Okello, the medical Superintendent Kitgum General hospital attributed the escape of the patient to lack of psychological support at the treatment center.

As of Thursday, Kitgum district had 25 COVID-19 patients under home based care.

The district has registered six deaths since the virus broke out in 2020.

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