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UACE Candidates Urged To Be Calm

UACE candidates of Ocer Campion Jesuit College being briefed this morning ahead of the exams on Monday-Courtesy Photo

Senior Six candidates in Gulu City have been urged to be calm as they sit for the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education, UACE which kicked today with briefing.

The written and practical exams will kick start on Monday with History Paper 3 in the morning and History Paper one in afternoon for Arts Students while Science students will start with Mathematics Paper 1 in the morning and mathematics paper two in the afternoon.

Tibert Amaru, the director of studies at Bishop Angelo Negri Colleague while speaking to the candidates this morning advised the candidates to be focused, determined and handle the examination without panic.

Amaru asked the 27 candidates to only focus on the exams and forget everything else.

At Gulu Central High School where 121 candidates are registered to sit for UACE, Kamara Richard Okumu, the Director of Studies, said the students had been well prepared for the exams

At Trinity College, Lacere Churchill Olanya, the Head Teacher told Mega Fm that all 11 candidates were ready for the exams but urged parents to furnish their children with the required scholastic materials before the exams kick off on Monday.

At Kitgum Comprehensive College, four students-all male will not write their exams on Monday after they dropped out of school because of financial challenges.

According to Charles Odong, the Head teacher Kitgum comprehensive College, 96 candidates were going to sit for the exams.

Meanwhile, at Padibe secondary school in Lamwo, one out of 10 students has dropped out suddenly for yet unclear reasons.

According to David Kiwanuka, the school head teacher, efforts are underway to reach the guardian of the student to have him sit the exams.

Odong has however, encouraged the students taking the exams to believe in themselves as the exam is their personal accountability to the parents and teachers.

The exams are expected to run from 9th April, up to 3rd May, 2021.

A total of 98,367 candidates are registered to sit this year’s UACE examination from a total of 2,339 centres across the country.

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