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Two More Omoro Robbery Suspects Arrested

A Gun-Internet photo

Two more suspects have been arrested in connection to the armed robbery at Kulu Otit village, Bobi Sub County in Omoro district.

Erem Bonny and Oguti Denis, both residents of Wat Obalo village in Aremo Sub County, Omoro district were arrested on Tuesday afternoon.

This now brings to 10 the total number of suspects arrested in connection to the Sunday night incident where businessman Sam Okot aged 40 was robbed off 1.4million shillings, a mobile phone and motorcycle by the thugs who also stabbed him with a bayonet.

The other suspects, Komakech Robert, Olal Robert, Ongole Gerald, Ogwal Morris, Abang Winny, Akulu stella, Apio Nancy and Ajok Winny Prisca were arrested on Monday from the homes with the held of a police sniffer dog.

A police officer attached to Omoro police station who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed the arrest saying they are in custody at Omoro central police station together with the other eight suspects arrested on Monday.

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