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Thugs Terrorize Hawkers In Kanyagoga

Kanyagoga cell, where criminals are robbing hawkers in broad day light.

Street gangs in Kanyagoga A Cell in Bardege-Layibi Division in Gulu city have become more braver as they have started robbing hawkers in broad daylight.

Reports say that the thugs are always armed with hammers, Panga and batons which they use in their operations.

Between Monday and Thursday this week alone, four hawkers have been attacked and robbed off goods and cash worth over 10million shillings in broad day light by a group of armed street gangs.

Florence Atto, the Local Council One Chairperson Kanyagoga A Cell said the gangs who operate in groups of 10, hide in dilapidated houses within the area and waylay the hawkers.

On Monday, Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa River Region police spokesperson said their intelligence team is on the ground to apprehend the culprits.

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