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Private Schools Want Education Ministry to Offer Psychosocial Support to Teachers

Leaders of private schools have asked the Ministry of Education and Sports to offer psycho-social support to teachers.

Since March 2020 when the government closed all educational institutions following the outbreak of Covid-19, teachers have silently been going through several psychosocial challenges ranging from anxiety about the future and economic uncertainty.

There have been reports of teachers in different parts of the country who have committed suicide.

On Monday, a section of leaders of different teachers associations presented proposals to the Ministry of Education that need to be addressed ahead of the reopening of schools next year.

Now as the government is planning to reopen all schools by January 2022, the ministry of education has decided to engage the private education institutions to receive their proposals and see how they can support them to safely reopen.

Patrick Kaboyo, the General Secretary of Federation of Non-State Education Institution-FENEI, says that teachers are currently going through a lot, some of them are getting mentally ill, and others are depressed.

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